Facebook Event Invitations…

Amy: So what do you think about using Facebook as a source for invitations?

Tammy: Hmm..I never understood the protocol behind the FB invitations. It’s like people RSVP to come to the event on FB, but half of the time people don’t even show up..

Amy: True. For me I hate of option of maybe..

Tammy: Because maybe usually means no. But then you have to chase down the maybes to see if they are actually coming.

Amy: It’s convenient though. 

Tammy: Wouldn’t a text message be faster?

Amy: I guess so, but do people check their text messages? I know it’s an odd thing to ask, but sometimes waiting for a text back takes longer than a FB response.

Tammy: Well..I think that’s why half the time when sending out FB invitations, follow-up with a text message, too. 

Amy: Wait! There are some people that don’t even have any social media. Plus, FB is becoming very old school.

Tammy: I can’t believe that you just called FB old school just now. Another fallout of the FB invitations is that it gets posted on your friends’ wall and then other people find out about the party. And then that just gets awkward..

Amy: There’s this one option where you can make it private, so only the people you invite can see it. They can’t invite their own guests and it doesn’t show up on their wall. However, that doesn’t stop anyone from bringing uninvited guests. 

Tammy: Hmm..most of the ones that I’ve been invited to hasn’t been private. On the new settings, it just says you just went to blank and blank’s birthday party

Amy: My cutoff for FB invitations are weddings. People who uses FB invitations for weddings..that’s just tacky.

Tammy: People use FB invitations for wedding guests on weddings???

Amy: Well..I mean it’s free.

Tammy: WOW! If I ever get married, make sure I don’t use FB to invite my guests, Ames.

Amy: I promise! 


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